Disclaimer: I saw this in previews (yes bad critic me, I know I’m sorry. Don’t yell at me) so if there’s any differences in the final show from what I mentioned that’s why.

First off, yes there is rap, no it is not Hamilton.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started shall we? Veitgone is about the meeting of playwright Qui Nguyen’s parents (Raymond Lee and Jennifer Ikeda) at a refugee camp in Arkansas during the Vietnam War. ¬† It is currently running through November 27, 2016 at Manhattan Theatre Club’s City Center Stage One. I saw it on October Ninth.

Tong played by Jennifer Ikeda is extremely intelligent and sassy and fairly wonderful. However, the real star of the show is Samantha Quan as Tong’s mother. Similar to David S. Pumpkins, it’s difficult to explain how this character is so funny until you’ve seen the show. Of course it could be attributed to funny lines and moments however, the most amusing part is her on point delivery of said lines.

While the play jumps around in time and space, all is made clear by the cool cartoon inspired set projections that add a cool effect to the show. The lighting is the perfect lighting where it just completely complements the story.

Overall, Veitgone is an extremely well-written play, full of laughs, but also serious and pretty wonderful.  Definitely one to catch before the end of its run!

Veitgone is playing until November 27th at Manhattan Theatre Club’s New York City Center Stage One. The Cast includes Jennifer Ikeda as Tong, Raymond Lee as Quang, Jon Hoche as Asian Guy/American Guy/Nhan/Khue, Samantha Quan as Asian Girl/American Girl/Thu/Houng/Translator/Flower Girl, and Paco Tolson as Playwright/Giai/Bobby/Captain Chambers/Redneck Biker/Hippie Dude. Veitgone was written by Qui Nguyen and directed by May Adrales. Set design by Tim Mackabee, costume design by Anthony Tran, lighting design by Justin Townsend. Veitgone runs 2 hours and 20 minutes. Full price tickets available here, You can become a member (or subscribe, I’m not sure) of MTC and see this for a discount here, or if you’re under 30 join 30 under 30 here. All Tickets are $90 plus around $9 in fees. Ages 13+ (PG-13 for sex and strong language)